Our attractions are designed to add value to your property or brand, to keep customers coming back for more, and to generate significant profits.

The Amazing Race Experience

The arena features 60 wholly-controlled sections across 2 stories inside the retail location. Each section is a Checkpoint, Detour, Transit, Pit Stop, or other mechanic racers will traverse on their “race around the world”, emulating the award-winning TV show.

  • Themed fast-casual restaurant & bar with spectator viewing
  • Merchandise & media shop
  • Up to 384 players per hour, up to 1.66 million per year

Outdoor Adventure Parks

Narrative driven outdoor attractions built over multiple acres. Outdoor Adventure Park attractions can feature a unique experience and narrative design, interconnected to our Darkbloc universe, or be branded with well-known movie or TV show brands.

  • Multi-acre outdoor adventure park
  • Can be built as a stand-alone attraction or part of a mixed-use development
  • Scalable from 100,000 annual visits to 1 million +

Challenge of the Ages

The attraction is designed to facilitate the production of a competitive reality TV show from the retail location. The purpose-built facility allows for rapid arena swaps, allowing the arenas to be completely updated each year with a new theme to produce the next season of the TV show.

  • Seasonal themes span millennia, from Ancient Egypt to Mayan Mythology and beyond
  • Mezzanine overlook with restaurant & bar
  • Integrated TV show component
  • Infrastructure for live broadcasting of head-to-head competitions


Our smallest indoor attractions with an internally developed and wholly owned fictional story, narrative universe, and brand intellectual property. Each location is designed as a stand-alone experience that fits into the larger Darkbloc narrative universe.

  • Interconnected narrative universe across all Darkbloc attractions
  • Unique arena game designs per location
  • Scalable from 60 players per hour, 262,080 per year upwards